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Powerful Joe Rogan With David Lee Roth

I’m a fan of Joe, and I was ecstatic when I heard Joe was going to interview lead singer Dave Roth of Van Halen....

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Typhoid Jaden and Sunset Primary School

Hi All,

Its Wednesday night, and i'm dealing  with a flu epidemic that has hit my family..

This is a sickness like I have never seen before, but I have heard about and I have been warned of recently.

My daughter and 12 other students recently were sent home from "Sunset Primary School" in University Place WA and they all had mega fevers.. This fever and flu seems to last up to 3 to 5 days in children...
The good news is they seem to come out ok from this.

Adults catching this bug from the kids are not doing so well...

Stephanie has now caught this bug and she is 8 days in with epic fever and what I suspect to be pneumonia based on the sound of her coughing..

Flu from sunset primary, University Place, WA

Ocean Shores Washington State


It's been just over a year since my last post and things are going great.
I wanted to take a minute to talk about a little weekend vaction we took this summer.

First off I have never rode a horse in my life, I know that must sound weird to plenty of
people, but I grew up on motorcycles. I enjoyed things you had to put gas in.

We went down to Ocean Shores in WA, and stayed at the shilo down there which was great.
We spend saturday morning riding horses up and down the beach. I was not quite sure about riding one
of these until I actually was introduced to my horse and jumped on it. I felt right at home, my horses name was Howdy. Howdy was very compliant horse, pull reigns left horse goes left and same for right.
It was like driving an old car, I actually wanted to open up the throttle on this equine, but we had guides with
us so I didn't want to break any rules. I really felt this horse could of layed down some rubber if pushed.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Ocean Shores, which if you have been there before you will know the sunny days are far and few between.

Anyway I'll leave everyone with a picture for reference, and let everyone know that The Deal Is a place to read about more of the current events.

Google Release's a New Feature

What is the Conversion Optimizer?

"The Conversion Optimizer is an AdWords feature that manages your advertising costs around specific conversion goals.

Suppose you know how much you're willing to pay for a conversion, and you know that your ads get better conversion rates on certain days of the week. Normally, you'd spend time monitoring and adjusting your cost-per-click (CPC) bids in order to get more conversions for a lower cost.

With the Conversion Optimizer, this process is automated. You still pay per click, but instead of setting CPC bids, you simply specify a maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bid for each ad group. The Conversion Optimizer manages your CPC bids for you, making adjustments and showing your ads only when you're likely to get conversions. "

If your in the PPC game you will quickly realize how useful this feature is, the team at google never ceases to amaze me.  I have a suspicion that aliens are working there and they are smarter then the humans that are working at the other search engines..

In any case google has done it again and continues to push the advertising game forward.
What they have added reminds me of a great service called SEM-in-a-Box which is absolutely the best PPC bid management service I have found to date. Although it is pricey I recomend their service to anyone in the PPC game.. Go check it out..

Steve Keirstead
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Microsoft adCenter September Update

Microsoft adCenter September 2007 update

What's new in adCenter?

September 2007 UPDATES
  • Access your campaigns and ad groups from the home page. Using the new adCenter home page, you can go directly to a specific campaign or ad group. The home page also contains links to top Customer Support issues, adCenter user communities, advertiser case studies, the adCenter Blog, and instructional videos.
  • Copy existing ad groups. When you create a new ad group, you can copy an existing ad group's settings. You can also choose to copy all of the existing ad group's ads and keywords.
  • Set bids on the Keywords tab. On the Keywords tab (formerly Keyword Performance tab), you can now edit your bids on the same page that shows keyword performance data and status. You can place bids on individual keywords, selected keywords, or all keywords. Performance statistics on this tab are now pulled from real-time data.
  • Quickly import campaigns. To speed up the campaign import process, adCenter removes extraneous information (extra columns and rows) from your CSV file when you import a campaign from another online advertising program. Also, as long as you have all of the relevant data, the columns can be in any order.
  • Get faster editorial review of ad groups. Now, when you submit a new ad group, the ad group undergoes editorial review whether or not your ads have received an impression. Depending on the size of the ad group you submit, all of your ads and keywords are typically reviewed within 72 hours.
  • Keep table sort settings. When you sort information in an adCenter table, your sort settings are saved, even when you sign out and sign back in (with the same user name on the same computer).
  • Make changes to paused campaigns and ad groups. You can now make changes to ad groups and campaigns that are in Pause status. The changes will not be live until you resume your paused campaigns or ad groups.
  • Manually pause "Budget Paused" campaigns and ad groups. You can now manually pause a campaign or ad group that has been Budget Paused because your monthly campaign budget has been met.
  • View a map of targeted locations. When you target customers by location, you can now see a Microsoft Virtual Earth map of your targeted countries or regions or targeted cities. To see targeted locations, click Show a map of locations on the Ad Group tab.
  • See familiar status terms. To match advertising industry standard terminology, adCenter has changed a number of status terms. For example, Submitted is now Active, and Rejected is now Disapproved. For more details, see "Terminology Changes," below.
    Why all these new features are great for adcenter, I still have 3 issue's with their system.

  1. The system seems painfully slow, today I was deleting some under performing keywords and just clicking a checkbox took about 2 to 3 seconds each. Maybe it's the computer I'm using here off site today, but I don't seem to experience this lag when using Google or Yahoo..

  2. The geotargeting system needs to be completely redone, adcenter still set's targeting on the adgroup level instead of the campaign level. This becomes excruciatingly painful to work with when managing larger campaigns with many adgroups. Typically adding and removing area's from my adcenter adgroups becomes and all day chore(Literally until my vision is blurred and my mouse finger hurts from scrolling through the tiny city list box.) Please Microsoft Change This Design!!.

  3. The map feature that was added was great, but why not let user's click on the map to select locations? This would of made it a very useful visual tool.
That all for now, my rant for the day. .

Now I'm goin fishin...  Have a great day..

Google Opens its Ad Traffic Quality Center

Click Fraud

In the online advertising business there probably isn't anyone who has not yet heard about or is currently dealing with click fraud. In response to yahoo opening their Yahoo Traffic Quality Center goggle has started
Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center. There is some good information for current or new adwords publishers to digest there.

For myself I have seen and read most of this information before in a document that published some time ago.

Personally I would be satisfied if the one of the big 3 would start letting us run a report of the clicks we were charged for based on I.P. address. I get an itemized bill every month from the phone company on the calls I make.
Why not give me an itemized bill on my clicks. This would be much easier to spot thing's such as competitors clicks on my ad's daily throughout the country.

We are currently using 3rd party solution's to track IP's and clicks on our site - Replacement Window Reviews

Have a great day..

Saturday Night - Cart Racing

Cart Racing

Saturday 8/18/2007

Saturday night we went cart racing at a new local indoor track.
These things were a blast, not your typical lawn mower engine
fun park gocarts. These were 50mph little tuned race cars.

Check it out! Here's a shot.

I took the pole and held the lead until the 18th lap when I hit slow traffic
and my buddy flew by me. I followed his line got by the traffic and on the final
turn of lap 19 I plowed him into the wall and sqeaked by him.
Yes it was a cheap shot but I'm a fierce competitor when it comes to things like this.
So there's me taking the checkered flag on the 20th lap. If you have these in your
town I suggest you go check it out, they are a Blast!!

The result were:
1) Steve K
2) Lowell Erb - My buddy
3) Stephanie - My Date
4) Sarah Erb - Lowell's wife
5) Slow Poke 1
6) Slow Poke 2
7) Slow Poke 3
8) Slow Poke 4

Steve Keirstead

Yahoo - Traffic Quality Center

Yahoo - Traffic Quality Center

I noticed yahoo has released their traffic quality center. For the New Panama PPC Engine.
I think this is an excellent step for yahoo, while I haven't had time to go through
everything that is available there, my initial browse was quite enlightening.

They are detailing some of the variable's they look at pertaining to click fraud.

"The Click Protection System tracks click and search patterns across many data points, including IP address, the time of the search, the time of the click, and user session information. In addition to this technology, we also utilize an internal group of dedicated analysts who update the filters to address new problematic patterns."

As I dig more into this Traffic Quality Page I'll post more of my observations and opinions.

It's always good to know search engines are taking step's to prevent the growing problem of click
fraud. We use internal software to track our click's and I must say there are some happy clickers out there. Report's back from Yahoo and Google are usually that they caught the clicks and we were not charged..

So far The Yahoo Panama system has been a pleasure to use for my company, we were excited to be part of the Beta. Yahoo is on the right track..

Steve Keirstead

Adcenter - "Landing page content not relevant"

I think Adcenter needs some fine tuning, the rejecting of keywords based on
Landing page content not relevant is quite odd.
Some make perfect sense as they are just keywords rearranged based on
broad matches, this is understandable. The ones I don't get are keywords that
are clearly listed on my page's within the text and in some cases the actual title
of the page itself. 

That being said, It's apparent that content based pages are truly important these
days even for PPC.  Pages based solely on graphics and photo's that the spider can't
read, just won't cut it, some actual text based content is definitely needed.

On the bright side, conversion's from Adcenter are very good, and the pricing is right.

Steve Keirstead

Chance Meeting

Chance Meeting

Hey all,

It's wield sometimes when your not expecting to meet anyone new or from your past that it just happens out of the blue.

I was sitting waiting for an order at a outdoor restaurant the other day, and this girl walks up to me and says "Hey Steve", It took me a second to get a good scan of her and remember I had met her about 8 years earlier.
And the meeting was brief at that time, but the familiarity remained. She sat down and we talked a bit and played some catch up on what we have ...<< MORE >>